Global Crises and Global Change Conference Organizers




Cassidy Thomas

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Cassidy recently graduated from Westminster College with a BA in Political Science and emphasis in global studies. He is currently is his first year of the Master of Arts of Community Leadership Program at Westminster College and plans on graduating in the Spring of 2019. He then hopes to attend a PhD program in either sociology or critical global studies. He has two forthcoming publications in the journal "Perspectives on Global Development and Technology" and an edited volume tentatively titled "Anarchist Political Ecologies: Urbanization, Degrowth, and Agricultures of Emancipation." 

Josie Stoker

Josie Stoker is a first-generation college student and McNair Scholar studying economics at Westminster College with a double-minor in political science and applied mathematics. Josie is a resident advisor at Westminster and also serves in student government on the Clubs Board. She also loves writing and is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center at Westminster College. After graduating, Josie hopes to enter a PhD program in economics in order to continue pursuing her interests in social science and mathematics.

Cole Cooper

Cole Cooper is a junior at Westminster College. He spent the first twelve years of his life living sustainably in a two room cabin in Eastern Utah through the help of an array solar panels to power their few electrical needs, and a garden filled to the brim with fruits and vegetables. At Westminster, he is a student of global environmental, justice, and political studies. Through his studies, he has developed a deep desire to understand the roots of the global crises we face today. When he is not in school he tutors refugees through the "walkways to Westminster" program offered by Westminster. 



TIM lindgren

I am an Honors student, research assistant, and teacher assistant at Westminster College (UT), pursuing a major in Global Studies. I am also a legal assistant and research assistant for Environmental Law and Development located in Stockholm (Sweden), as well as co-founder of the GCGC conference.

My research can be found in Perspectives on Global Development and Technology (PGDT), the Journal of World Systems Research (JWSR), and The Myriad. 


Elhom Gosink

I am a senior in the Political Science with a focus on Global Studies and a minor in History and Honors. My research largely focuses on issues of forced displacement from and within the Middle East, decolonial theory, and feminist theories.

In 2016 when Tim and I thought up this conference we hoped to create a space for students to come together and engage with these highly complex global issues, the continuation of this project can only continue to develop these lasting academic relationships and encourage future students to engage with these daunting crises.



leo figueroa-helland


Dr. Figueroa-Helland is Chair and Professor of Politics, Justice & Global Studies at Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA). His work focuses on transformational alternatives to global crises based on transdisciplinary research that combines critical global studies, intercultural international relations, indigenous studies, global political ecology, agroecology, decolonial/postcolonial and depatriarchal/gender/two-spirit studies, and world-systems analysis. His writings have have been published in the Journal of World Systems Research (JWSR), Perspectives on Global Development and Technology (PGDT), Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature (STTCL), Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, the Journal of Critical Education and Policy Studies, the UNESCO Journal of Higher Education and Society, and the volume on Social Movements and World-System Transformation edited by Jackie Smith, Michael Goodhart, Patrick Manning and John Markoff.


Abigail Pérez Aguilara

Dr. Abigail Pérez Aguilera researches and writes about contemporary Indigenous movements, literature written by women of colour and its connections to environmental social movements, forced displacement, gender violence, and global politics. Her most recent work appears in Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies: Conversations from Earth to Cosmos (ed. Joni Adamson and Salma Monani; Routledge, 2017). She is currently teaching at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Gary Marquardt 

Dr. Marquardt, a former first generation college student, is currently an Associate Professor and Chair of Global Studies and History at Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA). His research in African History and classroom pedagogy is wide-ranging and recently included published articles on disease and the environment in colonial South Africa and Namibia in the Journal of Southern African Studies and The Namibian. His current research challenges state narratives of power and control over black and white (im)migration in-and-to Namibia during the period of South African occupation. He also has a keen interest in teaching about social and economic justice histories of coffee, especially in the global south.